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Coach's Corner

What have you been doing to keep busy these past few weeks? I have been creating lessons for my new journey (remote learning) and brushing up on my Madden, NBA 2K and MLB 2020 skills so I can challenge any and all of our Falcons players, and of course win. Any takers? Tell us about your favorite moment playing or coaching baseball. After playing high school baseball at a top level and facing future hall of famers in college, I believed for a while that I have failed at baseball because I did not get drafted and did not reach my goal of playing at the highest level. But, all of this changed when I played in the adult league after college and mid-season, I looked behind me, looked In front of me and to the side and realized that everyone on the field is a person that I grew up with and we have grown to become young successful men in a neighborhood that normally doesn’t breed successful men. At this point, I realized that I did not fail. Baseball has given opportunities to become a better person, and build relationships that would last a lifetime. The game helped me realize that I needed to be proud of how far I made it, and how hard I worked to get there. Many don’t make it to college, especially being 5’11” 145lbs. After I had this moment, our pitcher gave up an 0-2 three run home run and I was cursing him out in my head.   Who was your favorite player growing up -- the guy you wanted to be most like and why? My favorite player growing up was Manny Ramirez. I tried to mimic his approach to hitting in my own game. Good hitters can drive the ball to all fields, but there is something to be said about someone who can consistently drive balls over the wall to all parts of the field. In my opinion, he is one of the top hitters to play the game and maybe the most clutch hitter ever.  Mets or Yankees? Ha. Not even a question, Team NY. You know who I’m talking about, the Mets.  In a MLB fantasy draft, who would be your #1 pick? Why? Yadier Molina. Championships are won by good catchers. Notice that teams who make the playoffs generally have good catchers. They should be the smartest players on the field which is the reason why there are so many managers who are former catchers. Molina is a proven winner and a natural leader both on and off the field.  In a Falcons' coaches fantasy draft, who would be your #1 pick? Why? Tough question, we have coaches who have played a lot of baseball and have a lot of experiences. They all did something well back in their playing days and they understood the concept of teamwork. But if I were to draft someone as the number 1 pick, it would have to be Willie Ortiz. I say Willie because I have seen Willie with my own eyes play the field, hit and pitch at a very high level. He may be one of the top three players that I have ever seen play period. Although Willie was that good, he was always humble and coachable. Many players become uncoachable when they are the best on the team, not Willie. He never talked down to anyone and always accepted constructive criticism. Now I tell you one thing, if we formed a coaches team we would present a lot of issues for our 2023 and 2024 team. Just saying. Give us your most important piece of advice for a middle infielder... Always keep your feet moving throughout the game. Even in between pitches. The more active you are, the quicker your reactions will be. While moving around, think of all the possible scenarios that could come up during the next play. You don’t want to be thinking about what you need to do during the play, do all of your thinking beforehand. If you are not good at thinking, ask somebody.  And ALWAYS WANT THE BALL!!! Always look to make a play. Coaches will be fine with you making an error while being too aggressive, than being timid. Outside of baseball, what's your second favorite sport? Basketball, I was team captain of my high school team. I played point guard and we made It to the playoffs for the first time in decades my junior year. We had a good chance of knocking out the # 1 seed, but we choked in the last minutes of the game. Don’t want to talk about it. But on another note, as I grew older I developed a nick name in my neighborhood. Charlie CURRY!!!!. What's a weird talent you have that people might not know about you? I got nothing, lol.  For extra credit: what's the square root of 529? QUICK! Square root????


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