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A little background on Carlos…

Managed the Men’s Brooklyn Falcons Baseball team from 2004 to 2011 and from 2013 to 2016. Then coached 8U through 10U Falcons. Attended Canarsie HS where I played baseball, football and volleyball. I stopped playing high school baseball my junior year, let’s say I lost interest. Started playing football and volleyball. I was offered an opportunity to play college football at a Division III school but I chose to keep my bones intact and I accepted an academic scholarship to the University of Hartford to study engineering, made the baseball team as a walk on my junior year but transferred to Polytechnic University where I graduated with a bachelor of science in electrical engineering. I played two seasons of baseball at Polytech for stress relief.

So you are the founder of the Falcons Program (thank you btw), tell us the story of how that came to happen...

It all started during my brother Charles’s freshman year in college when several of his former high school teammates and new college teammates (who were from the NYC area) wanted to create a team to play ball together that summer. Due to the age range the only way they could play together was to join a league with no age restrictions. That’s when we joined a men’s league where we played against ex-pro players. The Falcons Men’s team went on for years. We had many players from different backgrounds and baseball experience, many who played at different levels including MLB and pro in Japan.

The name ‘Falcons’ stems from me being a fan of the Atlanta Falcons (aka the Dirty Birds). The Brooklyn Falcon team colors were supposed to be red and black, but I received a lot of opposition from Yankee Fans who were on the team. Also being a fan of the University of North Carolina, we had to have our Columbia Blue.

A few years after my nephew was born, my brother Charlton started the Falcons pamper team for local league play, which to this date remains active and has expanded. The Travel Program was launched in the Fall of 2018 with 9U and 14U teams. We enjoyed it so much and saw so much improvement and positive results from the kids and families that in the Spring of 2019 we decided to expand and become an organization.

2004 Brooklyn Falcons Can you find your Coach?

2009 Brooklyn Falcons Can you find your Coach?

What's your favorite memory or moment on a baseball field?

I’ve had so many favorable moments on a baseball field as a player, a brother, coach, uncle and parent that it would be difficult to pick just one moment.

Some of those moments included playing baseball in the Dominican Republic, playing at Keyspan Park, my first college team road trip where I met my wife. Watching my brother Charles play at every level. The Falcons’ first Championship in 2005 in Westchester Rockland Wood Bat League. The Falcons going undefeated during the 2007 Zorrilla Playoffs, defeating ex major league and minor league players. Winning three championships in 2011 which included one in Puerto Rico.

My brother Charlton winning his first pamper Championship with my nephew, my son and several current Falcon players. Our 10U Falcons winning their first tournament Championship at Baseball Heaven. Having one on my pitchers selected in the MLB drafted, several players signed to minor league and independent league contracts. Having a few players receive scholarships to play college baseball. And best of all watching my kids, my brothers’ kids and my friend’s kids play and enjoy the games.

You've coached and worked with some of our younger Falcons, what advice can you give to our younger players to develop their game?

Listen to your coaches, work hard, be respectful to everyone, be a great teammate, be patient, focus in school…but also remember to have fun

What advice would you give to the parents of our younger Falcons about helping their son develop and being a part of travel baseball?

Let the coaches coach…

Let the kids play…

Offer encouragement no matter what and more importantly let them enjoy the moment and have fun.

Who was your favorite player to watch and model yourself after when you were growing up?

Ichiro Suzuki

How competitive were you and your brother Charles growing up? Who wins what sport, other than baseball?

When it came to sports Charles and I were very competitive, but due to our age difference we never directly competed with each other. I always had my little brother with me, and as I got older he always had me with him.

That said, Charles would definitely wipe the floor with me in basketball.

Give our Falcon families one tip for how to be productive or pass the time well during this lockdown.

Our staff is working hard to create workout videos and team sessions to keep the kids active. Please check out the drills of the week, the arm care workouts, team workouts, and the weekly interviews.

Any new Falcons gear or merch coming later this summer that you want to give us a little teaser about?

I’m sure many of you have seen some of the coaches with the Sun Hats……

Are A-Rod and J-Lo going to buy the Mets? If so, is this a good thing?

Not sure if it would happen, but if it does it would be a positive thing for Mets fans. To have an owner with his baseball experience. His knowledge can help fill in the missing pieces for the Mets to get back to where they were a few years ago. Also, having an owner with a desire to win and that mentality would bring a lot of hope…


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