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Mission Statement:


The BK Falcons are dedicated to providing youth athletes across the socio-economic spectrum with top of the line instruction from some of the best coaches/instructors in the area. We want kids to not just develop as baseball players, but more so as human beings, students and model citizens to society, that will find success well beyond their playing days. We want players to graduate our program with the confidence, knowledge, and work ethic needed to create their own vision of success.


One of the goals of the Falcons program is to provide an environment to enhance and encourage the development of skills and desires of our players in respect to the game of baseball. Falcons players, coaches and organization strive to continuously improve in all aspects of the game with the goal of building the ultimate baseball experience. This goal takes the efforts and commitment of everyone involved: coaches, players, parents and the organization. With an all hands on deck approach, we strongly feel that we can provide the best possible experience as our players grow to become not only friends and , but FAMILY.

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