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As Winter arrives, how will you spend your time preparing for the Spring season?

The Winter is here! For many of us and our children this means other sports such as basketball or hockey. However for most of us involved in youth travel baseball, Winter is also a time of focused, baseball training.

There are several aspects to consider for any off-season baseball training program: conditioning, hitting, fielding, and, pitching. But our program this year will have a strong commitment to arm care/throwing velocity, as well as core strengthening to help improve our hitting performance. Our arm care program will be run by one of our favorite coaches, Michael Gonzalez, CEO of MG Baseball Training.

All of our teams will have evaluations done during practice using technology such as Rapsodo and Pocket Radar smart coach to keep track of our athletes gains throughout the winter. These metrics will be kept in our Sportsboard app that will be shared with parents throughout the season. Winter is where the season begins. Your championships are won in the off-season. Look to work harder and smarter than your opponents. Practice hard, practice fast practice like family.


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