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How did you end up becoming a part of our Falcons program? 

My good friend Coach Kenny asked me if I was interested in coaching with the Falcons. 

Where did you grow up and what sports did you play growing up?

I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to Brooklyn when I was four years old and been living in Brooklyn ever since. Growing up I played anything that would keep me outside for a bit longer. If the boys were playing football I’d play football, if they were playing basketball, I’d play basketball. Baseball was the first sport I played for a team. In high school I was on the swimming team and also track and field.

What's your favorite memory or moment on a baseball field?

Junior year in college I got the start in the decisive game in the East Region Tournament. After giving up a leadoff home run I settled down and pitched 8 innings to get my team to the D2 College World Series.

What are one or two positive things that are part of your daily routine that come from playing baseball? 

One positive thing that is part of my daily routine that came from baseball is always planning ahead. Just like in baseball you always have to anticipate outcomes, so I go about life with that same mentality. I always draw up scenarios in my head before I do something because every action has a reaction. I feel like if you’re prepared for the outcomes of your actions or just any of the possible outcomes it will be easier to handle.

Who is your favorite baseball player?

I have two: Pedro Martinez and Alex Rodriguez

Mets or Yankees?


If I had to tell all Falcons players to read one book it would be...

The Arm by Jeff Passan 

If I had to tell all Falcons players to watch one inspiring movie or YouTube video it would be... 

YouTube video TCU Baseball 2012 - The Grind

My favorite baseball related follow on social media is...


What advice do you have for our 13s as they make the transition to the big field (60/90)?

I remind my 13s every day after a practice or game that baseball only gets harder from here on out. Home runs last year are now fly outs. Elevating the baseball is not the way to go anymore. Now they need to adjust and find gaps.

What's the best advice you ever got from another player or coach that wasn't just for baseball but has guided you through life?

My coach once told me to never let the mistakes from yesterday haunt me for the rest of my life. You learn from mistakes, and you do not let them bring you down.

What is the funniest thing you ever saw happen on a baseball field?

Sophomore year of college we had a squirrel delay during a baseball game. Two squirrels were running circles around me on the mound. The umpires stopped the game as someone chased Nutsy and friend off the field.


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