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Hello Falcons Family,

It sure felt great to be back out on the field this past weekend. The sounds of gloves popping, bats swinging, and kids cheering, sure brought about a sense of normalcy as we finally begin our season. The excitement and smiles on every face on the field and in the dugout created a sense of relief after months of lockdown. I think it's safe to say that wins and losses really didn't mean much this weekend. It was more of a celebration. Watching our players put on their uniforms for the first time this year is always a memorable time, especially for those who don the navy and Columbia blue for their first time. Sprinting onto the field to play a game that actually means something is what our players have been waiting for all year and our teams did not disappoint. The common errors and mental mistakes that we as coaches expected definitely reared its ugly head, however, once our teams shook off the cobwebs, we witnessed the beginnings of their hard work pay off. Now that our feet are wet and the nerves steady, Falcons teams are ready to fly and compete with any team that comes their way. We are extremely excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for our teams as they continue their quest for the ultimate goal, dogpiling on the mound! See you all out on the field and remember, Championships are Earned, Not Given!

Luis Monell


Brooklyn Falcons

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