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The coronavirus threat and the ultimate impact on society and the sports community is still unknown at this time. The situation is fluid with new information being released almost hourly regarding the progression of the COVID-19 outbreak and what steps various sports organizations are taking to address the situation. The trends have swung from mitigation to cancellation and now back to mitigation again with the planned reopening of sports in many states.

Just a few months ago, Covid-19 had placed us all in a tunnel where baseball may not even be possible for the remainder of the year. After months of being dedicated to minimizing the spread of this disease, we can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. But, much has to be done to ensure that our athletes are ready for when the time comes. In order to keep our kids safe, healthy, ready, and still abide by the state laws, we have come up with a plan that may begin our season. Those plans will be released to you soon.

As we head into our practice schedule, Continue to work on your arm care, strength and conditioning and any other baseball movements that you can. We will build upon this as we get outside.

Although we have made a strides to move past the pandemic, now we are faced with a different monster. With all that is going on, we must use the opening of our season to stay united and together. As we are and always will be, family.


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