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Dear Falcons Family,

The Season has come to an end. Just a short time ago we thought that there would be no season at all. With hard work, dedication and caution, we made it through. Our teams gathered a total of five championships and several finalist awards. But as summer winds down, now is when the real work begins.

Fall ball is just around the corner!!! For most it’s the end of the season, for champions, it’s the start. Fall ball is pivotal to the growth of all baseball players. It is the time of the year for our Falcons to refine and enhance their skills through, physical fitness, one-on-one instruction and repetition. It also gives our kids the opportunity to get a feel for what lies ahead of them for the next year.

Our motto for this Fall is, “Get Stronger, Get Faster.” We will be focusing on getting our ball players and prepping their arms to become healthy and strong. For some of our teams, next year is a big year for them. Some kids will be entering high school, others are coming up on a big recruiting year. In preparation for our young ones moving into high school, we will be offering a high school showcase to players in the younger divisions. Our older kids may finally get the opportunity to showcase themselves in front of many college coaches at the St. John's showcase in October.

Although this has been a tough year, we made it and we will continue to move forward. Championships and wins are great, but our goal is to get all of our kids into the right schools. We will continue to make adjustments as needed to help all of our Falcons achieve this goal.

See you in the Fall and remember, “Compete and Earn, Nothing is Given.”

Charles Lalane

Vice President

Brooklyn Falcons


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