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Thank you to all the athletes, parents, families, administrators, trainers, and volunteers that helped make this season special. Thank you to the dedicated coaching staff who share their time and enthusiasm for teaching baseball and coaching young men. Congratulations to the athletes who made this year an outstanding, special season. The standard of excellence for the Brooklyn Falcons is at a new height.

While the teams in the program had great win-loss records and they enjoyed their share of big victories and emotional defeats, the games of this past fall will eventually fade into memories. In the end, the measures of success are not the statistics or wins, rather, they are the friendships, lessons and maturing that are the result of effort, selfless commitment to the team and dedication to personal betterment. The athletes of our program were truly successful. As coaches, we are fortunate to have been a part of it.

As we move into the off-season, we need to give our bodies and minds a rest. Our muscles need time to heal and repair. Light workouts are best during this time as we will be back at it again in December. Have a great off season and we will see everyone on tryouts. Remember the F stands for family.

Brooklyn Falcons


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