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Updated: May 3, 2021


1) Who do you look up to as your heroes in sports?

*Jose Altuve *Derrick Rose *Mookie Betts *Michael Jordan 2) What do your friends think of your athletic success? How do you handle missing out on activities with friends because of your athletic schedule?

Its hard at times but my parents really try hard to let me hang out with my friends when not in practice or playing to be with my friends. Most of my friends also play sports so they understand. It's funny when we do get together we are always playing sports or we connect via video games. 3) Have you had any serious injuries? How did you deal with these and overcome the obstacles?

Thank Goodness I have yet to get injured. I have been hit with pitches, or fell on my hand or other parts of my body that left me sore and left marks for weeks but I have been able to work through them. 4) Is it difficult to balance sports with school work? Why or Why not?

In the past, it was difficult as it seemed I had something to do every night. I feel like now I have a good balance and I am able to maintain my school work without feeling overwhelmed. 5) Was there a time where you disagreed with an umpire, how did you handle it? Tell us about the one time you may have gotten carried away.

This happens at least once every game. Whether as a catcher or a hitter, I see what they see and scratch my head at calls. I have slammed my bat down a few times but I really try to control myself and vent in the dugout. It makes me question the umps integrity and if they just want to manipulate the outcome of the game. The worst time I can say was I struck out on a pitch that was outside and got caught looking and walking back to the dugout I slammed my bat so hard I broke it. I was so mad. 6) How do you or your teammates feel about time on the bench?

To be honest, I rather be playing. This team we don't really discuss playing time. I trust the coach is giving everyone their due and allowing rest. When I played for other teams it felt like I was being punished or I am not producing results. I wished I got feedback on why that was. 7) How much time do you spend training and practicing?

Alot.. lol If its not with the team, I am going to catching clinics or 1:1 work and or I go out and play ball with my brother and kids from the block. I don't see that as practicing but I am always playing ball. 8) Tell me about one or two things you do in training that directly contributes to your success.

The drills help me see what I am doing wrong. Example: When hitting off the tee, doing drills that unfold to the opposite field has helped me in games. 9) What words of advice or encouragement do you have to share with younger athletes?

Play with no fear and practice practice practice. 10) What have you learned about teamwork from being on this team?

That one player can't win a whole game. How does the team make you a better player? By picking me/ encouraging me up after a tough game. 11) Have you ever felt pressured by a coach or your parents? If so explain and how did you handle it.

I am not sure if I ever felt pressured by my coaches but my parents have high expectations for me because they say they know what I am capable of. If I am up to bat, bases loaded, 2 outs.. no one and I mean no one wants to be the last out. I try to breath and do my best all the time. It doesn't always work out.. sometimes I read a pitch wrong or I didn't execute something as I envisioned it but that's the game. I got to leave it all out on the field and always looking for ways to make plays.

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