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Ulysses Pichardo of our U12 Team

1)’’ Who do you look up to as your hero in sports?’’

I look up to Jackie Robinson as a hero in sports because he broke the color barrier in the MLB and allowed minorities to play baseball. Jackie Robinson was mentally tough because he had to deal with racist fans and political issues. That did not stop him from being a great baseball player.

2)What do your friends think of your athletic success? How do you handle missing out on activities with friends because of your athletic schedule?

Missing out on activities with friends because of my athletic schedule doesn't bother me or my friends. We all have sports and exercising in common. So when we do hang out, we play basketball or train together.

3)Have you had any serious injuries? How did you deal with these and overcome the obstacles?

I have been very fortunate that I have not had any serious injuries, because I try to exercise so I can stay strong and healthy. (but injuries are inevitable)

4) Is it difficult to balance sports with school work? Why or why not?

Being a student-athlete is not easy because you are juggling school work and also sports. So sometimes it could be difficult balancing sports with schoolwork. For example, my parents always tell me school comes first and how my education is more important.

5) Was there a time where you disagreed with an Umpire, how did you handle it?

Yes, there are plenty of times where umpires make bad calls but it is not worth arguing because he will not change the call.

6) How do you or your teammates feel about time on the bench?

Well, I do believe your playtime is earned and if you are on the bench there are ways to get on the field. Like the Brooklyn Falcon says “compete and earn nothing is given” but you should remain positive and be a team player even if you are on the bench.

7)How much time do you spend training and practicing?

If I am not training with my team, I try to do all my calisthenics at home so I would say 4 to 5 days a week. Your body is a temple and needs to rest.

8)Tell me about one or two things you do in training that directly contribute to your success?

When I practice, I try to get as many reps as possible because this will prepare me for the real game time situation.

9)What words of advice or encouragement do you have to share with younger athletes

I will always tell a younger athlete, to always have fun and enjoy the game. But always remember you need to play hard and train hard to accomplish your goals.

10) What have you learned about teamwork from being on this team how does this team make you a better player?

I learned that teamwork is very important in the sport of baseball because it takes a team effort and one player cannot do it by himself. That's why there are nine players.

11)Have you ever felt pressured by a coach or your parents? If so, explain and how did you handle it?

My father does put pressure on me but that’s what makes me a better player and the person I am. (DIAMONDS FORM UNDER PRESSURE)

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